Subject: EBF Congress 2023, Berlin, Germany

The European Bowling Federation’s Ordinary Congress will take place on Sunday 22 October 2023. The Congress will be held at the Hotel Am Borsigturm, Am Borsigturm 1, 13507 Berlin, Germany

Registration will start at 09:15 and the Congress will be called to order latest at 10:00.

The EBF Congress Fee is EUR 70 for each congress delegate.

All accommodation should be booked as soon as possible and latest by July 31, 2023 through the Organizing Committee of the European Championship of Champions 2023. All information about registration and the hotel reservation is found on the website: 

Please use Form X found under  to make your Registration for the Congress, as well as for hotel reservation and arrival and departure times.

You are kindly requested to submit your intention to participate in the EBF Congress to the Organizing Committee of the ECC 2023 latest by September 20, 2023

One of the rights of EBF member federations is to take part in EBF Congresses and in that way exercise rights to influence the future development of bowling in Europe.

According to the EBF Constitution a quorum at the Congress shall be at least one third of the member federations including proxy votes. In order to avoid any future situation where we would have to call off a Congress because there are not enough members present, the Presidium urges all federations which for some reason cannot send a representative to the Congress, to give the proxy to another federation that will attend.

Please note the following extracts from the EBF Constitution Chapter 1 paragraph 1.6.2:

A member federation may be represented at an EBF Congress by a maximum of three delegates, only one of whom shall have voting rights. A member federation, which cannot be represented at the Congress, may give its proxy to another federation. Each federation shall be eligible to vote only one proxy. In all cases, the written proxy authority must be submitted to the President in the presence of the Congress for validation, before the proxy can be exercised. Such proxy must be submitted in writing stating the name of the federation to whom the vote is to be transferred and signed by an authorizing officer of the federation. Member federations must be current in their IBF and EBF dues to be eligible for voice or vote.

Attached you will find guidelines on how to prepare a proxy (Appendix 1). The proxy form should be sent to the EBF Secretary General by October 15, 2023, or be submitted at the Congress.

According to Chapter 1 paragraph 1.9.2 of the EBF Constitution all incumbent officers who intend to run for re-election shall so advise the President at least two months before an elective Congress. All other nominations shall be submitted to the President at least two months before an elective Congress. This information will be reported to the member federations at least one month before the Congress.


The elections at the 2023 Congress will be for:

  • President until the Congress in 2025,
  • Vice President until the Congress in 2027
  • Two Presidium members until the Congress in 2027.


Nominations shall be sent to the Secretary General of EBF the latest August 22, 2023. All candidates must be members of and authorised by their respective federations to be eligible for election.

According to Chapter 1 paragraph 1.11.2 of the EBF Constitution the Ordinary Congress shall elect two auditors and one substitute for the period up to and including the next Ordinary Congress. At the Congress in 2021 were elected:

Mr. Florian Fister, Germany, Auditor,

Mr. Jan Edvardsen, Norway, Auditor,

Mr. Argyris Logothetis, Greece, Substitute auditor.

According to Chapter 1 paragraph 1.6.3 of the EBF Constitution proposals from the federations to be debated and voted upon at the Congress shall be received at least two months prior to the date of the meeting. Accordingly any proposals you wish to be discussed at the Congress must be submitted to the Secretary General the latest on August 22, 2023.

The agenda for the Congress together with the relevant reports and proposals will be sent latest on September 23, 2023.