Olomouc has always been one of the most important royal towns in the Czech lands. Thanks to its advantageous location, its ancient university, its spiritual, cultural and craft traditions, it was for many centuries the natural centre of Moravia, attracting artists, scholars and merchants.


Basic facts about the city

101,892 inhabitants, 6th largest city in the Czech Republic, regional capital of the Olomouc Region

  • after Prague, the second largest conservation area in the Czech Republic
  • lies in the heart of Moravia, in the past it was its capital
  • now the seat of an ancient university, an archbishopric, the Moravian Philharmonic, interesting museums and theatres
  • offers large parks, a large zoo, a modern aquapark, a swimming stadium and the Litovelsko Pomoraví natural area with cycling and swimming trails


A world rarity is the originally medieval astronomical clock on the façade of the ancient Olomouc Town Hall, transformed after the war in the spirit of socialist realism into a moving mixture of figurations of workers, athletes and costumed Hanaks. The magnificent beauty of the thirty-two-metre high Holy Trinity Column – a UNESCO monument, the six masterful Baroque fountains and the charming modern Arion’s Fountain are other unmissable unique sights concentrated in the historic centre of the city.

The cathedral and palaces of Wenceslas Hill will impress with their millennial grandeur. The famous Přemyslid family died by the sword at this exceptional historical site, called Olomouc Castle, and the young W. A. Mozart composed his Sixth Symphony. Part of the former fortifications from the time of Maria Theresa, used as a water barracks, is now a bustling entertainment centre with dozens of pubs and clubs. The Olomouc Parks or the romantic natural swimming pool Poděbrady on the outskirts of the town with its restaurant terrace, clean water and grassy banks for sunbathing are an unusual oasis of peace.

Olomouc is simply worth staying in! A trip to Svatý Kopeček with its monumental pilgrimage church also offers an exceptional view of the city and the fertile Haná region, walks in the forest and a large zoo with hundreds of species of animals and entertainment for young and old. A water park with many attractions, a veteran car museum, trails for skaters, galleries, theatres, festivals, beautiful city orchards and historic military forts and fortresses, scenic drives through the countryside or tours of the breathtaking castles in the surroundings will fill several days of experience and relaxation.